Dear Trustees,
I am writing to let you know how I got on in America at the World Hip Hop International Championships this year. I am really sorry it has taken me this long. I hit the ground running with NCEA Prelim Exams when I arrived home and then have been working hard for my Final exams which I have just finished this week.
The crew I am apart of this year; Sorority Dance Crew, placed 4th in Finals by 0.01 which was incredibly close which made it even harder, however this result out of hundreds of crews was still something to be very proud of. Our finals performance has received around 50 million views to this day! The response from people has been incredible. This video shows our performance.
Thank you for providing me financial support and supporting me with this opportunity – without this I wouldn’t have been able to achieve and live my dream once again. I am forever grateful to you.
I hope you are well and would love to catch up sometime.

Kind regards,
Houston Murray