Live for More Charitable Trust is based in Tauranga in the beautiful Bay of Plenty. Live for More uses surf therapy to engage troubled young people/rangatahi who are caught up in lifestyles of crime and drug/alcohol abuse. These young people need someone to believe in them so they can learn to believe in themselves. Live for More’s vision is for confident and hopeful rangatahi free from their pasts and empowered to live up to their true potential. They believe that every young person has value no matter what they have done, and the capacity to change their lives no matter where they have come from.

Live for More runs a surf therapy programme called Tai Wātea which translates to ‘Waves of Freedom’. This programme couples the physical activity and challenge of surfing with group therapy, individual counselling and cultural work. The young men learn a new skill which gives them a sense of accomplishment and shows them how they can achieve things they never knew possible! Live for More also supports them to successfully engage into employment and education. Live for More has seen many lives saved and transformed since their launch in 2016.

Live for More wants to extend a huge thanks to the Bobby Stafford-Bush Foundation for their support to help purchase a second vehicle.

For more information on Live for More, please visit their website at

Photo: Attribution: Benjamin J Melville at the English language Wikipedia