The Queenstown Volunteer Fire Brigade wishes to acknowledge the support received from the Bobby Stafford-Bush Foundation. With your support we have been able to purchase the training dummy used in the toughest 2 minutes in sport. The Queenstown Brigade is fortunate to have a strong contingent of Combat Challenge competitors. The team have been enjoying success on the Local, National and International stage with Senior Firefighter Claire Jones finishing 4th place in the world for the under 40 Category, and 5th place overall in the world for the Womens Division.

The Firefighter Challenge is like a Firefighter ‘Iron Man’ contest and is the most physically demanding of the Challenges offered through the United Fire Brigades Association – so crossing the finishing line is all the more rewarding! It’s earned the reputation of being ‘the toughest two minutes in sport’.

Wearing full bunker gear and breathing from a BA set, competitors race against each other and the clock in a series of tasks across the course. The five tasks are:

1. Climbing a 6 storey tower carrying a length of 70mm 19kg flaked hose
2. Hoisting a 70mm hose coil 6 storeys
3. Chopping using a 4kg shot hammer to drive a beam 1.5 metres
4. Extending a charged length of 45mm hose to knock down a disc
5. Dragging a life sized dummy a distance of 30.5m

The competition is a great test of skill and fitness and simulates the physical demands of real life firefighting to the public. We appreciate your support as we continue to hone our skills for the benefit of our local community. Thank you.