Over 15 years ago I was introduced to athletics where I first discovered my real passion for the sport. Right from a young age it had always been evident I had potential to pursue the sport further into my adolescent years which saw me eventually give up all other sport in the attempt to pursue my aspirations within athletics. For the past few years I have been fortunate enough to represent New Zealand at multiple competitions. Being lucky enough to do so has been hugely beneficial and has enabled me to grow and develop as an athlete in terms of gaining exposure to international competition and building confidence/self-belief.

Last year I raced in Poland at the World Junior Athletics Championships in the 100m. Here I renewed the New Zealand U20 record in a time of 11.53s (at the age of 18). This beat the previous record that was set in 1990 at the Auckland Commonwealth Games. This alongside winning the 100m and 200m double in my debut to the senior grade at the New Zealand track and field championships (at the age of 19) would have to be my greatest achievements mentionable to date. In a couple of days time (on the 7th August) I will be setting off to the world University Games, held in Taipei. I am to be racing in the 100m and 200m disciplines whilst over there. I see this competition as an opportunity to further my development as an athlete and is a great stepping stone towards future endeavours of hopefully one day representing New Zealand at the Commonwealth Games and Olympics. I am someone who is determined to always get the very best I can out of any given opportunity and am continuing to work hard and set goals for myself both small and large, within training and external to training.

The support from the Bobby Stafford-Bush Foundation is hugely appreciated for enabling me to continue to strive for my goals and aspirations within my sport.