Since around the age of five I have loved horses, and it has always been my dream to ride. I leased my first pony when I was 11, we had him for 6 months before I outgrew him. Thanks to my riding coach, I rode a lot of different horses until I was 12, when I finally got my own pony! I have had him for 3 1⁄2 years now, and it has been an eventful journey. My pony Justin is such a character, and has taught me heaps, about everything really. Part of the past year has been specifically difficult, as he had quite a few health problems, and I had a huge drop in confidence. The Bobby Stafford Bush Foundation helped me so much last year, with funding my coaching. It’s helped bring my confidence back up, my riding skills have vastly improved (still much to learn!), competitions are starting to go much better, everything has been improving really! Thanks to the Bobby Stafford Bush Foundation, I have been able to pursue my dreams, and accomplish some of my goals. It has been such a wonderful opportunity for me, and I am so thankful that I am able to do it again this year.
Thank you so much.


anthony-thompsonClaire Jones