I’ve grown up around fire stations as my mum is a retired firefighter in the UK, with some of my
youngest memories being at her station and around firefighters. I am a Volunteer Senior Firefighter
at Queenstown Fire Brigade and have dedicated 8 years to responding to calls and training new
Firefighting is something I knew I would always do and follow my Mum in those career steps, but it’s
only since being part of the fire service in New Zealand that I realized a sport had been created out
of everyday skills we need to perform efficiently on the fire ground.
Representing a country at a sport is not something I ever saw myself doing, but the Firefighter
Combat Challenge has given me the opportunity to do this. I’m very lucky that this opportunity also
ties into my job which I’m very passionate about.
I take great pride in all aspects of firefighting; this competition has added a level of training, fitness,
fun and networking around the country and now internationally where I will be heading to the
World Championships in Florida.
With the help of the Bobby Stafford-Bush foundation I’m able to head overseas and represent New
Zealand at the upcoming Worlds and I couldn’t be more grateful for the support they have given.

Claire Jones