We are twin sisters, 22, who sail competitively in the 49er FX sailing class. We grew up sailing optimists from the age of 10, then we teamed up to sail the 420 class throughout our youth sailing years. After attending the Youth World Championships together, we moved into the Olympic 470 class where we put together our first attempt at an Olympic Campaign. We won the 2017 Under 20 World Title, and we had some up and down results. After stopping sailing with each other for a couple years, and taking on new Olympic sailing paths, we have found our way back together to have a go for Paris 2024 in the 49er FX.

We both juggle part time study and work with training. This is a constant challenge but one we enjoy as we chase our dream. For work, we both coach and manage local sailing programs. It is hugely important to us that we inspire and lead the next generation of sailors. We want to take as many people on our journey with us as possible. We are extremely fortunate to have had the opportunity in our youth to get onto the world stage in sailing and are privileged to have the experiences we’ve had. Since Covid 19 put a stop to things, we are eager to put ourselves back out there and we are very much looking forward to giving it our all in Europe.

We are extremely grateful to the foundation for helping put the final pieces in place for our trip this year. Their support goes a long way firstly in getting us to the start line in Europe, but also allowing us to put our best foot forward once we get there.

Alisha LovrichAndre Annabelle