Cinzah is a visual artist, creative problem solver, and a commercial illustrator.
He has been working within the creative industry for the past 8 years, and has decided to dedicate the rest of his life to avoiding working within the ‘real job’ stratosphere.

He is currently in the early stages of establishing a long term creative workspace in the heart of Devonport. Alongside two other full time creatives.
Alison Bourne, a local pattern maker, and Buka Woods, a visual artist and tattoo artist.

There will also be 2 hot seat studio spaces available to rent on a short term temporary basis.

The upcoming studio will operate predominantly as a working studio space, but also house monthly ‘pop-up’ art exhibitions, alongside ongoing youth development and mural workshops, and a number of other events soon to blow up around our leafy Devonport suburbs.

For more information about the space, inquiries into subscribing as a member, and updates on the studio visit –

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