The vision of Sea Cleaners, is to preserve New Zealand’s Coastline for the benefit of the marine life and for the enjoyment of all users. Our long term strategy is to educate people, particularly our young people, to dispose of their rubbish in eco-friendly ways, including recycling, and so not to harm the environment. We will build awareness of the project’s vision and goals, create networks of collaborators, assisting the local charities, schools, community groups, iwi and corporates to work together, and educate people of the consequences of littering and work to stamp it out. However, we acknowledge that there is a problem of litter and rubbish entering our waterways and ultimately contaminating our coastlines and the sea. Consequently, Sea Cleaners will also build on and expand the ‘clean-up’ initiative that has been running for nearly 12 twelve years in Auckland’s Waitemata Harbour, which has collected over 3.5 million litres of rubbish. As funding permits, the team will grow; more vessels, crews and educators will be deployed, one harbour/stretch of coastline at a time, focusing initially on those adjacent to major population centres.

Objectives: Enhance and promote the vision of the Trust, in particular:

(a) To develop and promote public information and education programmes that will stop littering and dumping of rubbish.

b) To clean-up coastal and estuarine areas to improve the environment for the marine life and to preserve its natural beauty for the benefit and enjoyment of all users.

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